Building and energy management systems (EMS) are the key to monitoringTekmar your building’s energy use and operating its systems at their most efficient. Process controls are pivotal to efficient production and operations. S&J Jamrog provides complete repair and maintenance of HVAC controls. With practical experience in how facilities should operate, we apply that knowledge, combined with your input, to optimize the benefits of user-friendly controls.

Our building control services include:

  • Temperature Controls
  • HVAC ControlsBelimo actuator
  • Controls Interlocking
  • Damper actuators
  • Valves and valve actuators
  • Calibration



Digital Thermostats Offer Savings & Climate Control!
Most thermostats are easy to use. A lot of people just crank up the dial when they want more heat, or drop it for a blast of cool air. But this method of heating and cooling wastes energy and money. You're also less likely to get the temperature you need. The premiere thermostat is digital, with touch-screen controls that are easy to read and more responsive than standard thermostats. These digital thermostats allow you to pre-set temperatures for every day of the week to match your schedule. You avoid high-energy temperature swings as you enter and leave.