Oil Tanks

Oil TankYour oil storage tank is a vital part of the system but is often overlooked until there is a problem. There are literally dozens of configurations of indoor and outdoor tanks available to fit the needs of different types of building structures however the common ones consist of either 275 tanks or 330 gallon tanks. These are rather thin, oval shaped tanks that provide safe and economical indoor storage. Double-walled tanks are also available and provide the added security of a double-wall containment system. We install both single and double wall oil tanks. S&J Jamrog offers services to all size jobs and we guarantee that you will receive specific attention to your project, as we will provide you with the best solutions to making your project efficient and effective for your environment.


We offer prompt tank service, for which we offer a complete installation and repair service.  Our oil tank service entails:

  • Pumping out the defective tank (and removing it)
  • Laying a solid foundation (or reusing the existing foundation if appropriate)
  • Installation of a new tank, complete with fittings
  • Return of the fuel
  • Testing the system
  • We will replace your oil tank with the minimum disruption to your business or home.

Our friendly and efficient Oil tank replacement services mean that when we leave everything is in good working order and the area is clean and tidy of oil.

Oil TankIf you have an older, metal tank might need replacing. Even if you inspect and paint your tank every year you won’t know there’s a problem until it begins to leak. Condensation causes steel or metal tanks to corrode from the inside taking you completely by surprise that is where our oil tank replacement services can help you.
New regulations from insurance companies on oil tank installations are for your safety. An oil leak is very costly to to clean up. Large fines have also been imposed in to insure oil tank removal are properly carried out. The main causes of most incidents are badly positioned tanks or they have been put on badly prepared bases and never maintained when installation took place. An oil tank should be inspected yearly then any potential tank problems can be repaired before they become a major problem.